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Considered This Tips When You Choose An External Hard Drive

PC and laptop users are increasingly increasing. It also greatly affects the sales of external hard drives, which are now widely required by computer users. In addition, the need for an external hard drive is also influenced by the internal hard drive that we already know that the internal hard drive tends to have a smaller capacity than the external hard drive. Due to external hard drive is very vulnerable to damage. So, therefore, you should really pay attention to the quality before buying the hardware. So what should be considered before choosing an external hard drive?

– Rotation speed
The speed of rotation of a Harddisk also needs to be considered. Because the faster rotation of the hard drive, the faster the hard drive is in processing the data, as well as write and read data. Drive rotation has a wide range of speeds, from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM. In fact, the latest hard drive can also spin up to 10,000 RPM speed. The greater the speed, it can be ascertained the faster and the better the quality of the external hard drive.

– Connectivity
Connectivity external hard drive ie is a USB port, it is, of course, to connect an external hard drive to a computer device in order to connect. The type of USB that is usually provided by external harddisk provider there are two kinds, namely USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Recently there is also an external hard drive that uses a connection via the port thunderbolt, of course, it is able to make the speed to be twice as fast as compared to USB 3.0.

– Features
It also features to be one important item to note before buying an external hard drive. Many useful features contained on the external hard drive. However, if both backup and password protection are the two most important things on your external hard drive.

– Warranty
We never know when our external hard drive will be damaged. If not careful, it could be one day after buying, the external hard drive is damaged. Thus, before buying an external hard drive, it is worth considering a long period of warranty. So you are not too worried when your external hard drive is damaged without cause.

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