Medicine Cabinet Doors

17 apart opening the painted shut medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet doors. Are you striving to fit a lot of things into a not-so-big space? When it comes to organization, medicine cabinets are closets in miniature. They may be a great addition to any bathroom, keeping all of your bathroom essentials in one spot – arranged, clean, and easy to find. Medicine cabinets often do triple duty in your bathroom – most of all by keeping items organized. They also often function as the all important bathroom mirror while adding a little of style and decoration. You can accommodate your medicine cabinet to your own needs. Left-handed? No problem! Just choose a medicine cabinet with reversible installation!

Swing Door

The swing action door performs much just like a traditional cabinet with one aspect hinged. Swing door cabinets really look nice hung on the pedestal sink.

Side Wall

The side wall cabinets are attached within an area other than above the kitchen sink and are longer in taller than the other styles. They are great for keeping larger things like hair shampoo and conditioner containers.

Tri View

Tri-view medicine cabinets have three panels. In a few models the guts is simply a mirror and the two side section open up, and in other models all three areas open for storage. This type of cabinet is great for more than one person. One side can be his, while the other is hers – or generally in most households, both attributes are hers, and his products gets thrown under the sink!


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