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Some Unique and Famous Festivals on Movies

There are so many countries in this world. Each country has its own distinctive features, which make the country different from other countries. Starting from the culture, language, how to dress, until the festival celebration. The festival is usually associated with important beliefs or events that have occurred in the country. For those of you who are visiting a country that is holding a festival, then you are very lucky. Here’s a list of countries and festivals they held, in case you were lucky when the festival was held:

– Holi, India
India has a myriad of an interesting festival to be watched. From the many unique festivals performed by Indians, there is a festival called the Holi festival. The festival is so well known that throughout Asia it is celebrated by indigenous Indians. Held annually on March 13th, this festival begins by lighting a Holika bonfire. The night before the celebration of Holi, the residents rolled around singing and dancing. On Day H, people will color each other’s bodies with colored water. Can use a bucket, balloon or water gun.

– Octobersfest, Germany
Mid-September, there is a celebration of Octobersfest in Germany by drinking as much beer as desired. Not just beer you can enjoy, during Octoberfest, you can enjoy a number of foods such as grilled chicken, roast pork, and ham. You can also enjoy the rides in the city of Munich, Germany. The beginning of the history of this festival began in 1810. Where King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghause on October 12, 1810. To celebrate, the king held a festival attended by his people.

– Carnival of Venice, Italy
Italy is a country in Europe that is known as a very romantic country. Several cities in Italy became a tourist destination and also became a honeymoon destination for newly married couples. One of the city is Venice, there is a unique and famous festival, named Carnival de Venezia or Carnival of Venice.

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