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Tips to Live Without Anxiety and Anger

Some people have reported having nightmares, I too experiencing excessive irritability after driving, and excessive anxiety due to this episode. It is clear that people like me who experience anger paths are significantly impaired. The good news is that the case of anger does not have to happen. There are ways to cool down and relax, deal with stresses related to driving on a healthy and productive path. Here are some tips I’ve used to reduce my anxiety related to anger:

Avoiding an annoying situation: for me, traffic is annoying, but more irritating when I worry that it might make me late. Therefore, if I was going to drive somewhere that it was possible to have traffic, I would leave up to half an hour early, and bring a book or some work to do when I got there. As such, my mind is making the leisurely and traffic easier to handle. I also planned an alternative route that was less likely to get me trapped in messy traffic. Everyone has their own triggers to rampage the situation, and it can be useful to sort out these triggers and try to avoid stressful situations.

Affirmation post: I post an affirmation on my car (one of my dashboards, and one on the wheel, a right which one will hit the horn.One of them says, “I’m calm and cool because it’s good for me.One on the horn says, “I think before I speak”. Preparing for a critical time: I have two stress balls in my glove compartment, CD with relaxing music, and a bottle of water in my car all the time. When things get tough, I put on a CD, get out a stress ball (both of which can be used during stop and go traffic), and take a drink of water. This is a good way to become a breathing exercise.

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