Vintage Medicine Cabinet Mirror

vintage recessed medicine cabinetpottery barn

Vintage medicine cabinet mirror. It’s absolutely essential for bathrooms to obtain medicine cabinets with mirrors. These don’t only offer added space for storage, they also offer a nice mirror to work with for looking at yourself! A bathroom without a reflection just will never be complete.

How to choose the best medicine cabinet with reflection for a little bathroom?

With regards to deciding on the best size for the cupboard, there are a lot of things to think about. It isn’t advised to just pick out any cupboard and assume it’s going to fit. This may result in squandering big money or wasting lots of time having to give back mirrors and purchase new ones.

For example, what if you just gone and bought a mirror that you really liked? When you have a little bathroom and put this through to the wall, the door could wrap up swinging out too much. When a mirror swings out too much it’s going to be useless since it won’t be useful in the space. Even though the mirror might be considered a good size, if it is on a medicine cabinet it could not work. It’s important to consider height, width and depth when looking at these!


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